When I first started casting my bronzes in Pietrasanta, I did editions of 6 with 2 artist’s proofs. I began at Fonderia Tomazzi, Where I did only a few pieces.
The same is true for Fonderia Tesconi.
After moving to Fonderia Mariani and Bellfiore in 1972, my editions remained at 6 until approximately 1980 when I started to cast editions of 8 with 4 artist’s proofs, the intemationally recognized legal limit, after which the mould is destroyed. In the year 2000, I moved to Fonderia d’Arte del Chiaro and have stayed with them. All of my bronzes have remained editions of 8 with 4 artist’s proofs. Since I stopped direct carving in marble in the 1980s, I have worked with wax, making maquettes, which vary in size, but are about 30 centimetres in height. These are cast in bronze but are also used when I do them in larger sizes, in marble and other stones. As a general rule, I do an intermediate carving in stone that is three times the size of the original maquette, before doing a large carving, as the margin of error from 30 centimetres to 2 or 3 meters is too great. From these enlargements in stone, I make moulds which are used in the casting of bronzes the same size. The stone carvings are all unique pieces that I’ve signed and dated. The bronze castings are all done in numbered editions of 8 with 4 artist’s proofs. Normally, for a new edition, I cast only two or three of the edition. When these are sold, I cast two more, etc.
Many of my bronze editions have not been cast in their entirety for obvious reasons, as I move on to new pieces. Therefore, they are not dated.
I decided to omit all dimensions, since often, when a maquette is shown in a photo, it’s the same as the enlargement. The bronzes are all signed and numbered by me. I have never done an edition that exceeds the legal 8 with artist’s proofs. My marble carvings are all done at Studio Angeli, in Pietrasanta. I continue to work with Giorgio Angeli for my marble enlargements and have done so since 1972.

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